Do you like Gameloft games? If you do then you’ll want to check out the new Gameloft LIVE! for Android. The idea is plenty familiar and so is the name (Xbox LIVE! anyone). They’ve brought together gaming, deals, and social all into one application similar to Xbox Live or OpenFeint to name a few. Instead this will be all about Gameloft complete with personalized avatars, game discounts and more.

Gameloft Live! will bring all sorts of treats to Android gaming. Sort of like a mini xbox live we have custom avatars where you can create yourself. Chat and follow friends in real-time, earn gamer points, Gameloft “coins” and more. They’ll even offer special deals and promotions on games exclusive to Gameloft Live! members only.

Once you launch the app you’ll have one easy to navigate hub for everything gaming with Gameloft. From chatting with other members, launching games, and buying right from the app. Last week we reported that Gameloft and Verizon were bring live in-game voice chat to Android. This new app from Gameloft appears to offer text-based chat but we have a feeling full on voice chat with friends and fellow players will be coming soon.

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