As an avid gamer, you’ve no doubt passed through a thousand nameless tiny villages on your way to defeating the evil overlord, rescuing the princess, saving the realm and/or catching them all.  But what of the little people and the little lives that make up the background of your epic adventure? What daily struggles does the potion shop owner, the blacksmith or the fletcher face in their everyday quest to relieve passing adventurers of their gold? That’s the question that Dungeon Village, available now on the Android Market Google Play, aims to answer.

Created by Game Dev Story developer Kairsoft and employing their signature top-down isometric style, Dungeon Village is something of a Sim City-esque management title, charging the player with the task of making his or her little RPG-inspired town thrive and prosper. Keeping the various shops and inns maintained and well-supplied will attract brawny knight,s clever mages and cunning rogues who’ll gladly part with their latest loot, improving the health of the village. Make it good enough and some of them might even settle down, becoming local champions (and regular pub patrons). The more heroes that join your town, the bigger the monsters they can defeat, and the safer the town will be.

At $4.99 Dungeon Village isn’t the cheapest game around, but fans of Kairsoft’s style and formula will happily fork it over. While you can essentially play the title forever, there is an established endgame for those who want some closure. Android users all the way back to 1.6 can join in the fun, and thus far there are no major compatibility issues being reported. Go forth and flush evil from the world, brave administrator – by means of a sound fiscal policy and lots of big guys with swords, of course.

[via Pocket Gamer]