It has been a while since Google started developing augmented reality (AR) technology. While Project Tango didn’t really amount to much, things have gotten (a lot) better when the more recent ARCore platform was deployed. So much so that other phones outside of Google’s Pixel phones actually want to support it. Samsung’s newest flagships – the Galaxy S9 and S9+ – promised to have ARCore, but didn’t have it when the phones launched. That day is now here.

Recently, Google updated the supported devices list on its ARCore support page, this time to include all variants of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. If you have one of the Galaxy S9 variants, this means that you can now download the ARCore app from the Play Store, and start installing all the wonderful apps and games that take advantage of AR technology.

These apps include the popular Just a Line, IKEA’s Place, and other ARCore-enabled apps. Users can now also use the in-app features from Amazon or eBay that require AR. With the ARCore support list growing, you can AR technology getting more and more usage as time progresses.

Download the ARCore app from the Play Store here. Also, you can check the ARCore-enabled apps after you install the ARCore engine.

VIA: 9to5google