We’re not yet content unearthing new leaks, rumors, and speculations about the delayed, non-MWC participating, and upcoming Galaxy S8. Until the day of its official launch, expect to learn more details about Samsung’s next premium flagship smartphone. Our last look showed more real than ever images of the device. We have a lot of information about the phone but for now, allow us to focus on what could be a virtual button that might be visible even when the display is off.

This AlwaysOn area is said to include the “soft keys” useful for navigation. We’re intrigued by these soft keys because their existence means Samsung is slowly ditching the physical home buttons in flagship phones. They seem to be very useful especially since this home button will also be shown even when the display is off.

It could be an AlwaysOn feature which is something that’s been available on the older Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and phones from other OEMs.

Samsung better make it right this time because the company couldn’t afford another recall, halted production, or low sales. It’s bad enough that its popularity level is declining but it still has numerous potentials and chances within the mobile industry.

VIA: Weibo