We’ve seen Samsung’s video, proclaiming that their new flagship, the Galaxy S6 is “the smartphone of your dreams’ and showing off just why its camera is so awesome. But if you’ve gotten your hands on this new baby, you also may have noticed that they pared back on some of the built-in features, probably to address criticism that Samsung pre-installs a lot of things you don’t need, bloating up your smartphone. However, if you do need those extra camera functions, plus want to discover more, you can get them back through Samsung’s app store.

Along with the previous camera extras, you also get to access new modes and tools to help you improve on your mobile photography skills. Some of these additional modes include Samsung’s very own version of the Photo Sphere from Google and it’s called Surround shot. If you’re taking action shots at any sporting event, there’s the Sports Mode which can help you capture even the fast-moving objects. And since everyone is posting pics of food they’re eating, why not use the Food shot to make yours look more appetizing (than it really is?).

If you want more multi-media kinds of shots, you have the Sound & Shot mode, which captures some of the background noise when you’re taking your picture or the Animated gif mode which takes a series of 20 pictures and then puts them together and animates it for your very own gif. There’s also a Rear-cam selfie mode and a dual camera mode, which are pretty self-explanatory.

To be able to download them, you need to have a Samsung account (you can also use your Google account to sign up, if you haven’t yet) then head on over to the Samsung app store. Just like any other app, you search for it and then download and install it. Uninstalling is also pretty easy, but you need to do in the Samsung store as well. You can read our full review of the Galaxy S6, as well as the S6 edge.

VIA: Android Central