As we all know, cases are an important part of our smartphones. While many complain about the look of a smartphone, in the end they cover it with a protective case to save them from the inevitable drop or two. Today we’re taking a look at one case in particular that offers double protection for many handsets, including the shiny new GALAXY S 4. Take a peek below at our quick video and review of the Tech 21 Impact Mesh case for the GS 4.

We’ve talked about the popular Tech21 brand and their “Impactology” cases before, and even took a look at their Galaxy S III case in a review last year. For more details on just what exactly the orange D30 lining in their cases can do, check out this detailed hands-on video and demonstration. Tech21’s D30 technology will absorb any and all force from a drop, then expel the shock with ease, saving your smartphone and its display.

Tech21 touts their technology as the “ultimate impact protection” as well as claim their cases are the best around based on the “science in protection” with their D30 technology. The demo video above should answer any questions and relieve any doubt you have, so lets take a look at their new Impact Mesh TPU case for the GALAXY S 4.

It’s essentially an extremely lightweight and durable TPU case. Which are my favorite cases because the are cheap and lightweight, yet thin and durable. Tech21 has added their patented D30 tech to the inner lining of this case, thus protecting all those damage-prone corners and places of impact two-fold. The TPU will protect it from the usual drop, and the D30 will absorb any serious stress and save that precious 1080p display from cracking, as we see so often.

Obviously to even be worth consideration it needs to fully function and offer great protection both. This does that. You’ll have the standard cut out for all areas. From the microphone pinhole, speaker grill, dedicated area for the power and volume buttons, and they made sure to leave a place for the IR blaster.


The case is lightweight and comfortable, easy to hold, the power button is easy to press, and the entire case fits like a glove. Obviously the orange strips might not be extremely pretty and could put off a few potential buyers, but I’m ok with it.

The Impact Mesh model comes in Smokey Grey, which you see above, as well as a clear option. Then they’ve got similar cases lined with D30 in white, clear, orange, and even pink. More details can be found at the Tech21 site for those interested. The cases run you about £29.99 and can also be found on Amazon. For those wanting a low-profile case that will protect your phone, this is a good option.