Samsung loves making a big scene and deal out of announcements, especially with the GALAXY S 4, and yesterday they revealed another event is set for June 20th. Teasing new Galaxy devices and their ATIV Windows Phone brand. Today however, many sources claim that event will be the stage in which they announce the new GALAXY S 4 Mini.

Instead of their usual Unpacked events this one is simply called “Samsung Premiere 2013” so we’re all wondering what exactly they’ll be showing off. The Note 3 probably won’t be announced til August at IFA, and most likely we’ll be seeing some new tablets and this new Mini.

According to reports by the Wall Street Journal, the GALAXY S 4 Mini will be one of the stars of this show. In fact it will be one of several new devices unveiled at the show according to sources close to the matter. Obviously here we’re mainly interested in the GALAXY devices, but we’ll be checking out the competition too.

This week we’ve had two sightings of the new Mini smartphone, so it’s safe to say its coming soon at this point, we’re just wondering if this event will be there where and when. Previous reports and rumors suggest a 4-inch qHD 960 x 540 resolution display and a mediocre dual-core processor. If you’re hopeful for a flagship GALAXY S 4 type device in a smaller package, this won’t be it.

More details about the upcoming Samsung GALAXY S 4 Mini can be found from our timeline below. Will you be interested if this comes to the states?

VIA: Android Police