Samung’s GALAXY S 4 Active is expected to arrive as a ruggedized version of the regular GALAXY S 4 and while we are still waiting on an official announcement, the handset has surfaced once again. Yesterday we saw some of the first images of the handset and today it looks like the device has returned in video. The video is on the shorter side, however it does provide an additional look. Not to mention, a few extra details on the specs.

As time goes on and we see additional details surface, the specs appear to be slipping a bit. Originally it was thought that the GALAXY S 4 Active would have the same specs as the regular GALAXY S 4. The leak from yesterday, while it was nice to get a solid look at the device, did show the camera as being 8 megapixel as opposed to the 13 megapixel from the currently available GALAXY S 4.


It is also looking like there will be some differences with the processor. The handset was previously expected to have a quad-core processor and this latest bit is showing the handset as sporting a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus. Otherwise, the folks at MobileTechReview have said, aside from the camera and processor, the remaining specs will be the same as the non-rugged GALAXY S 4.

In that respect things should be looking good, especially in terms of the display which is 5-inches and 1080p. Basically, it is looking as if the GALAXY S 4 Active will have a few steps down as compared to the non-rugged GALAXY S 4. Of course, those who are likely candidates for this handset may not mind those few changes — after all, we suspect those choosing the Active are doing it because of the rugged casing and not the camera or processor.

Samsung has yet to say when the Active would be available, however previous reports have suggested the handset would be available beginning in July. That said, Samsung did indirectly confirm the handset with a recent WatchON app update. Those who missed that bit, Samsung listed the GALAXY S 4 Active along with the S4 Mega and S4 Mini in the changelog.

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: MobileTechReview