When Samsung took the stage that cold morning in New York City to announce their new flagship smartphone the GALAXY S 4, they had a lot more than just a phone to show us. Obviously it was all about the software and multiple S-app features, but they also have a slew of accessories coming too. Today we have what appears to be a full rundown of all the accessories, their prices, and even releases dates.

During the smartphone event we got a glimpse at a few of the accessories Samsung had in mind, but not everything. They lightly teased their new Gamepad, S-Band, heart rate tracker, and even the Samsung S-Scale. Yes a scale for your bathroom that will sync to their accessories and your smartphone to track progress. It was a bit overwhelming, but now we have all the details.

According to SamMobile all of this will be launched in April, with a few waiting a little longer and reaching into May for things like the wireless charging pad. Just in time for their device to hit shelves in late April across the globe. Their accessory page went live last week, and here’s the rumored pricing:

S Band – $129.99
S View Cover – $69.99
Wireless Charging Pad / Cover – $49.99
Flip Cover – $34.99
Pouch – $59.99
Protective Cover – $19.99
Headset – $29.99
Extra Battery Kit – $29.99
HRM – $79.99
Body Scale – $129.99
Game Pad – $99.99

For now these prices are just a rumor but they all appear somewhat reasonable, if not a little overpriced. What we do know is the GALAXY S 4 is coming in late April and early May, and we’ll be excited to try out many of these optional accessories come launch week. Are you interested in any of these, or do you just want the phone?

[via SamMobile]