Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

SDKs make any hardware or software even better as you allow more people to access a program and let devs make customizations. We recently told you about the Samsung Bixby SDK and this time, the S Pen gets its own Software Development Kit. This means S Pen functions and features can be personalized now depending on an app. This will benefit some devs who may need a boost for their mobile apps by adding a controller function. The enhanced S Pen is no doubt better and more interesting.

The Galaxy Note9 S Pen is better with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s been upgraded to work as a remote or controller for different functions and apps. Use it as a clicker when you want to take photos or perhaps during presentations, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy.

Apps can soon offer S Pen controls with the S Pen Remote SDK. It should be easy to follow as with most SDKs. That is, if you’re a developer or know your way around coding and programming.

Samsung recently shared the technical documents that tell us how remote actions can be coded to respond to a press or double tap. An app is limited to one remote app for now but more could be added someday.

The Note 9 S Pen is just one stylus but it’s now considered as advanced. It can be really helpful when you allow it. With the SDK out, expect more related apps with S Pen features will be revealed.

VIA: SlashGear