If Samsung fans think they have the last laugh in the rivalry against Apple, they might have to reassess the situation. Just days after the infamous “bendgate” iPhone 6 issue made rounds over the Internet, a new build quality issue has popped up, this time involving a Galaxy Note 4 and a business card.

In this case, it is a business card that fits between the very edge of the device and its screen, inside a gap that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. while at first seemingly harmless (because how many would be actively fitting papers or cards into their smartphone edges), it does mean that small particles can potentially ingress into that gap and cause some harm. At the very least it will be a place for dirt and dust to accumulate.

There are various theories now being put forward to explain this problem. Of course, there would be those that will be too happy to simply blame it on shoddy Samsung craftmanship. There are also those that theorize that such QA lapses were due to trying to rush out the Galaxy Note 4 to counter the iPhone 6’s launch. There is also a possibility that these, if truly more than one, are isolated cases that can be encountered in any product, whether they be by Samsung or Apple.

Whichever the cause may have been, Samsung may still have time to rectify the situation before it gets out of hand. It hasn’t boasted of sales in the millions yet, at least compared to numbers for the “bending” iPhone 6 Plus. The availability of the Galaxy Note 4 has so far been quite limited, so there’s a chance for the manufacturer to double check its production lines and ensure that the next batches will mind the gap.

VIA: IT Today


  1. I call b.s. where is the actual video proof? The screen on every galaxyS device I’ve owned had the screen bonded to the digitizer with glue.

  2. This means nothing of any significance SAMSUNG has been making these handsets for four years now. It’s the GALAXY NOTE products that made this phablet game prominent today so they know exactly what they are doing.

    All the rest are truly PRETENDERS in this category trying to catch up to the industry worldwide leader. They all have many many years to go before ever broaching the overall standard of any Galaxy Note product.

    • Well if you actually knew anything about Samsung, you won’t be able to purchase the Note Edge as Samsung has stated it’s a limited release phone. And it’s just Samsung Gear S, not Galaxy Gear S. Normally I wouldn’t point these issues out but your fanboyism of Samsung combined with your lack of knowledge really stood out.

  3. Like the apple fanboys say “put a cover on it” and I doubt I’ll have a problem with my credit card accidentally sliding into the gap when its in my pocket. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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