Seems like only yesterday when we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 appearing in AnTuTu’s benchmark database – check that, it was 3 days ago. The benchmarking outfit is at it again, testing the two rumored processors for the Galaxy Note 4’s two upcoming variants – the Snapdragon 805 for the US version and the Exynos 5433 for the international version. The results are enough to raise an eyebrow at, putting the Samsung-made Exynos chip above Qualcomm’s premier processor.

According to the benchmark results posted by AnTuTu, the Exynos chip smokes the Snapdragon 805, a bit surprising as Qualcomm has traditionally manufactured faster cores. It might just be a point of contention for prospective Galaxy Note 4 users, with the US version unfortunately coming in some 5,000 points lower in AnTuTu’s benchmark 4.0.


This is not to say that any of the Galaxy Note 4 test units are slow – the specs for the test units as revealed by AnTuTu are top of the line. It’s just that the Exynos chip may be using its resources better than the Qualcomm chip is. Putting this in perspective, both chips blow all the current chipsets away, including Qualcomm’s current flagship product, the Snapdragon 801.


Curiously, the processor speed charts show NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 way ahead of the pack, but AnTuTu says that this is because the testbed of the Tegra chip had a smaller 1920×1080 display, while both Samsung Galaxy Note 4 testbeds were pushing more pixels, both having 2560×1440 resolution displays.



  1. well screen resolution DOES affect performance what i dont understand is.. why brands continue to push screen resolutions in mobile gadgets, its ludicrous.
    I dont want a tablet or smartphone with an insane and irrelevant screen resolution that drains the battery faster than a wall charger can charge it while playin a game, its ridiculous.
    Even the majority of powerfull desktop PCs are 1080p.


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