Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G has received mixed reactions for its conservative design and performance, which was quite predictable. The cameras on this phone are quite good and that is an advantage for the device since in other facets it is nothing exceptional. Now, DxOMark has tested the phone with over 1,600 photos and over 2 hours of video in every type of environment. The tests of the Note 20 Ultra 5G’s camera performance is interesting and reveals how it fairs against the likes of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, Huawei P40 Pro, Vivo X50 Pro+, or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. For starters it gets an overall score of 121, completing the top 10 ranking phones with the best cameras, just a point shy of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


The pros were impressed by the phone’s wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses which are amid the best out there. The dynamic range along with the color reproduction is on point as well. The portrait shots with Note 20 Ultra are crisp, comparable to the S20 Ultra which is satisfying.

However, just like the S20 Ultra, this one too has some autofocus issues which persist even though it gets the new sensor. The telephoto lens isn’t something to go crazy over as there is some loss of details when one goes past the 4x zoom levels. Another area where it lacks behind occasionally in comparison to the top runners is in low-light photography performance. If you are lucky, the night shots turn out to be good at times with good exposure levels and details.

As for the video shooting, the device received good scores for both indoor and outdoor shoots. The details are excellent, color reproduction is accurate and the white balance is spot on. The Note 20 Ultra 5G along with its brother S20 Ultra was at par with the leader of the pack, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. In low light conditions, the videos have some visual noise and the same focus breathing issues which lets it down in a big way.

The tests concluded that Note 20 Ultra 5G has a better score and Samsung has improved the camera setup, but the zoom capabilities and the low light performance both in stills and videos don’t impress much. It is at par with the Galaxy S20 Ultra in virtually every aspect and both these devices are good for smartphone photographers.


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