Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Teardown 9

The Android community is no stranger to teardowns. In fact, we enjoy watching such treatments and videos because they give us a glimpse of what’s inside a new smartphone. The latest we featured was the Nokia 9 PureView Teardown performed by Zack Nelson. JerryRigEverythings goes on again by tearing open the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. It follows the Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown we featured earlier. We’re particularly curious about the Note 10+ because of the premium specs and features inside.

Opening the smartphone is easy as usual except for the fact that the curve of the glass wraps around the display. A little heat and suction can easily remove the adhesive on the top and bottom but is tricky on the sides. If you plan on doing this, be very careful around the edges lest you want the display to be shattered.

Once opened, you will see there is nothing on the rear panel. The wireless charging system is actually built into the body. Remove the 14 Philips head screws and fold over the metal plate. You will quickly see the battery connector and the wireless charging coil.

What’s more interesting about the Note 10+ is that there is another wireless charging system placed on the left side where the S-Pen is stored. There is a small baby wireless charger that charges the stylus. The idea of wireless transfer is the reason why the S-Pen can’t be made from metal.

Most of the connectors unplug like little legos. Removing the other components can be easy. Just make sure you don’t cut off the ribbon cables. Be careful if you still want the phone to work.

Removing the battery is a bit challenging because it’s very well glued to the screen. Watch the complete Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ teardown video below:

So the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is consistent. The previous teardown by IFixit showed the phone is low on repairability. You see why it’s not easily repairable because many components can be easily damaged if you’re not careful.


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