If you’re the type who wants to de-Google your smartphone, then you must have crossed paths with Sergei Yeriomin’s Yalp Store. The Yalp Store woks as a Google Play Store alternative, as there are Android users who are concerned with Google’s stance on user privacy (or lack thereof). One issue you may have with the Yalp Store is its outdated interface, but a new app might fix that problem for you.

Galaxy is an app that is actually the Yalp Store, but adds a Material Design interface so that it is easy on the eyes, even if you have kicked Google out of your phone for good. Material Design is the Android design scheme that was introduced when Android Lollipop was launched, and it has been carried over in one form or another to Android Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo.

The Yalp Store accesses the Play Store using its own credentials, so in that sense, it’s in a gray area of whether this type of access is allowed by Google. But you can also use your own credentials, and you can use Yalp to download apps in APK installer format.

If you want Galaxy – which is in no way related to Samsung, by the way – then you can check out the source link. You probably will be using a custom ROM with it, but Yalp (and Galaxy) will work perfectly with the LineageOS fork without Google elements.