So you finally got your hands on your very own LG G3 and you’re more than happy with it. The thing though is, like most people who are never truly satisfied with their gadgets, you’d like to have a little more room for more customisation and tweaks on small things like changing some display items, increasing your message recipients, hiding some notifications, etc. The good thing is that a G3 TweaksBox is now available on the Google Play Store for your tweaking delight.

Obviously, the app will only work if you have an LG G3. It also requires both root access and an Xposed Framework for it to work. But once you have both of those, you’ll be able to enjoy such tweaks like changing your status bar and navigation bar colors, hiding several elements in your notification panel and using up to 5 custom apps in your ring pad. You can also add a recording option for your calls and adding a sent time stamp to your message details, if you need proof of some kind for your calls and messages. You can even disable the camera sound when taking secret pictures on the fly.

Those tweaks are just for the free version of the app. But if you want even more customisation options, they also have a premium version that you can purchase and you can unlock even more features in-app. You can change the preset status bars’ icons, replace the QMemo with the search button on the navigation bar, change the background for each element in the notification panel and add a clear button in the recent apps window. For messages, you can increase your recipient limit to 100 among other things. The camera tweaks also include disabling even more sounds, like the shutter, focus and low battery.

G3 TweaksBox

The LG G3 flagship smartphone has been receiving a lot of good reviews, with its 5.5-inch screen with a 2560×1440 resolution, a model that has a 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. We’ve actually called it “the phone every Android OEM should make.” With this tweaks app, even though it’s not official of course, it might make it all the more appealing to those looking for a new Android toy.

Download the G3 TweaksBox from the Google Play Store.