LG may be rebranding the G Series and we’re totally okay with that. The other South Korean tech giant needs to make some changes if it wants to see an increase in mobile revenue. However, LG may be sticking to the G phone naming convention as an ‘LG G7’ was discovered on the company website. A “Future LG G7” was listed under Quick Charge 4.0, pertaining to the next Quick Charge version.

There is no official announcement yet but the Fast Charge page on LG’s website includes information about Quick Charge, what terminals are supported, and when fast charge works.

LG details that phone chargers comply with European Union regulations. They pass strict quality standards and controls. LG recommends the consumers use the original phone battery or charge all the time. This way, there won’t be any accident or injury. It prevents damage or overheating.

The company trusts Qualcomm for its battery charging technology. Quick Charge 4.0 is made even faster. The future LG G7 will have a new battery and fast charge technology. Make sure your display screen is off during charging. The terminal will know if the temperature of the phone is high. The rapid charging functions will be deactivated so as not to damage the battery.



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