LG may be Samsung’s direct rival in South Korea but it’s not exactly a top player in the global market. It still needs to compete with bigger brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Google. It’s an old tech giant that is well thriving and we’re not quite sure about its future. No, we don’t think it’s going anywhere or anytime soon but LG Electronics need to shape up if it wants to remain in the mobile game.

Rumor has it LG is going to rebrand the G series. It’s the flagship line that’s been trying to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S. For this year, we may see a new brand strategy from LG. We may not be introduced to a new LG G phone as it may have a new name already.

An LG official was heard saying it will be a two-digit number now. There is no official announcement yet but The Investor’s source is said to be an LG official. The company has the G and V phones as premium flagship offerings while the K-series is mid-range. These are released around the first and third quarters of each year. The K phones are launched in between.

The Mobile World Congress is happening next month in Barcelona, Spain. Usually, LG announces a new flagship during this tech event. We’re expecting the same thing to happen but with some surprises.

VIA: The Investor


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