This is definitely a prime example of better late than never, especially in the case of some Android devices. After more than a year in the market, Fuhu is announcing that its kid-friendly nabi 2 tablet can now officially run Google’s gamut of apps, including Google Play Store.

Not all Android devices are created equal, even in Google’s eyes. What this means is that just because you run Android doesn’t mean you will have Google Play Services and all the apps and features that it brings. Google Play is only available on devices that not only pass Google’s requirements but also obtain a license from Google. Not all manufacturers can afford this, and even those that can don’t always do, like Amazon and its Kindle Fire tablets.

There are, of course, alternatives to Google Play Store and users will never really be lacking sources of Android apps. One can even acquire and install Google’s apps through other means. It is, however, definitely more convenient to have Google’s apps and services available on the device without requiring the user to bend over backwards. This is probably the effect that Fuhu is aiming for considering how late it is to introduce such a feature.

The Fuhu nabi 2 is a tablet designed for kids and thus has its own app store and ecosystem that revolves around carefully curated child-friendly apps and content. Now users, probably more the parents than the kids, will have more choices from Google Play Store and will have access to the usual Google apps such Gmail and Maps. How these new feature meshes with its parental controls, Fuhu hasn’t explained yet. In any case, with more kid-friendly tablets popping up left and right, some from more popular brands, it is high time that the Fuhu nabi 2 get this much needed feature.