It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from the world of Frozen but if you have kids (or you yourself, we won’t judge) who are crazy about Anna, Elsa, and the gang, then you might want to brace yourself. Four of the most beloved characters from the beloved Disney hit are now coming as AR (augmented reality) emojis to your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. This means you or your kids will be able to create their own Olaf based on their own personal expressions and facial movements.

Samsung has a pretty good deal going with Disney as they have beaten Apple in bringing fan favorites exclusively to the AR world. You previously had classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy and recently, the entire Incredibles family were also added to the AR emojis collection. Now you’ll have fun creating your own versions of Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Kristoff, and of course that summer-loving snowman Olaf.

AR emojis don’t serve much purpose for now, aside from being a fun way to personalize communications with your friends across various platforms where you want to send them these emojis. There are rumors however that Samsung is coming up with a technology where you can use these AR emojis as your “avatars” when placing a video call. It may seem weird for you to be placing a call as a Disney character, but using an emoji instead of real-time video may save users some data especially if the connection is not that stable.

An update that has been confirmed and will be rolling out soon is the ability to make detailed adjustments to the personalized emojis that you’ll be creating. If you want to make it look more like you or at least a version of you that you want others to see, then you’ll be able to tweak features like hair, ears, eyes, nose, lips, etc. The face-tracking function will also be improved with the upcoming update.

For now though, you can just enjoy using your Frozen AR emojis. Just download the emoji pack from the Galaxy Apps Store. Or to start animating messages, just tap on the AR emoji mode on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+, tap the plus icon and then download the pack and start animating away.

SOURCE: Samsung