FreedomPop has been around for a while now, however they seem to have been focused on iOS with the iPod touch and more recently — towards home users. That looks like it will soon be changing though. The change will come by way of a new FreedomPop product called the LTE Clip. This is essentially a mobile hotspot modem, however similar to other FreedomPop devices you will be able to get 500MB of free data each month with the option to sign up for more with a paid account.

As far as the LTE Clip goes, this looks to be just as the name would imply, a clip. The device is being aimed at those with a Wi-Fi only tablet, which means those with an Android tablet will soon be able to take advantage of the free data offer. Of course, you will have to purchase the LTE Clip, which so far has yet to be priced. One perk coming with the LTE Clip is that unlike previous FreedomPop products, this one will also serve up 3G.

Aside from providing access to your Wi-Fi only tablet, the LTE Clip will serve as a mobile hotspot for up to eight other devices. Needless to say, sharing with eight devices could quickly eat up your 500MB allowance. The LTE Clip itself is said to weigh in at just 2.5 ounces and have a battery life of up to six hours. For those wondering, FreedomPop uses the Sprint network for connectivity.

Those using an LTE Clip will also be able to get rewards for sharing. This is similar to how FreedomPop currently does things with other devices and simply means users will be able to share Internet access and in turn get credits that can be used for additional free Internet access. Depending on the price of the LTE Clip, this sounds like it could be a nice option for the person with only an occasionally need for on the go access.

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