FreedomPop, the wireless data service that promises free 4G access, launched in a “public beta” of sorts today. FreedomPop users can access Clearwire Corporation’s 4G WiMAX networks free of monthly charges and contracts, but there a couple of catches. First, the service isn’t free right off the bat, as you’ll need to buy either a USB router for $49 or a mobile hotspot for $89 from FreedomPop. Once you’ve purchased your peripheral of choice and are prepared to connect to the Internet, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the free 500MB of data per month that FreedomPop has on offer.

500MB isn’t all that much these days, but hey, free is free. There will be ways to expand your free monthly limit however, whether that’s through participating is special offers or referring friends. If you choose to go the latter route, you can get an extra 10MB per month for each friend you refer, and our pals at SlashGear say that referral bonuses are capped at 1GB. Of course, you can just sign up for a plan with FreedomPop if you know you’ll be using more than 500MB per month, and it’s worth noting that FreedomPop will charge $10 per gigabyte in overages if you exceed your 500MB cap on free data.

FreedomPop plans to begin shipping sleeves for iDevices in the next four weeks or so, but unfortunately, there won’t be any sleeves for Android devices available right away. If customers prove to be receptive toward the idea of a sleeve for their iPhone and iPod Touch, however, then FreedomPop will begin offering Android sleeves. Sorry to say it folks, but our fate rests in the hands of Apple customers, at least as far FreedomPop sleeves are concerned.

FreedomPop has a lot in store moving forward. Not only is it launching free 4G service today, which is exciting enough, but it also plans to expand into the realm of 4G LTE at some point in the future. If you live in an area that has service from Clearwater, you might want to consider signing up for FreedomPop soon, as sign ups will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’ll be watching FreedomPop in the coming weeks and months, so keep it right here to Android Community for more details.


  1. > First, the service isn’t free right off the bat,

    Our *SERVICE* is definitely free.
    (You apparently don’t know the difference between “the service” and “the device”.)

    > as you’ll need to buy either a USB router for $49 or a mobile hotspot for $89

    You aren’t “buying” anything. It’s just a fully refundable, security deposit.
    (You apparently don’t know the difference between “buying” and a “deposit”.)

    You also “forgot” the mention the service isn’t available AT ALL in 99% of the country.

    • Wow, what a snarky response from the company. A complete turnoff. And, BTW, the “deposit” is only refundable if you return the device right away. Thus, some deception is at play here…


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