FreedomPop, a company that has been know to provide free mobile data has launched a new offering this morning. Free phone service. This will be arriving as the FreedomPop Phone service and it will be offering free service for those who purchase a $99 HTC EVO Design smartphone. The service includes a basic level of minutes, messages and data with options to purchase more if needed.

Users looking to take advantage of the free service will be able to use up to 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data per month. Those looking for a bit more will be able to bump things up to unlimited voice and text messaging for $10.99 per month. And keep in mind, this is a contract-free service. All things considered, the folks at FreedomPop are clearly taking the low-cost approach on this one.

“A user paying $1,500 per year for mobile services today can save well over $1,000 per year for the same plan with FreedomPop,”

While FreedomPop will be offering the HTC EVO Design for $99 at launch, there are plans to also bring other handsets to the lineup. Specifics have yet to be revealed, however FreedomPop has said that “additional popular Android handsets will be offered” sometime “later this year.”

Coincidentally, the launch of the FreedomPop Phone service comes exactly one year after the beta launch of the free data service. To this point, it was said that FreedomPop has since served up more than “half a billion free MBs of data to date.” This bit of detail was given to further show how FreedomPop has “demonstrated the commercial viability of its freemium model.” Otherwise, the company has also raised over $16 million in financing to keep things moving along.

With that in mind, those considering the service will be able to get started by heading to the FreedomPop Phone website using the link sitting below.

SOURCE: FreedomPop



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