If you’ve been online the past few days, then you’ve probably seen various people, blogs, and news sites raving about Google’s newest baby, Google Photos. With its offering of unlimited cloud storage space, easy user interface, and other various features that makes it both easy and fun to use, it’s no wonder that users are loving it. Another new (or newly discovered) feature will make it even more useful for the digital native, particularly for those who need extra space in their devices.

Reddit user smithers85 posted that he discovered the message “Device storage almost full” when he opened his Photos app. But then looking down, he saw the magic words “FREE UP SPACE” and if you press it, it will tell you how much space you will be able to gain if you delete device copies that are over 30 days old. And even if you delete them, they are still backed up in the cloud anyway, so it’s a win-win situation for you and your smartphone/tablet.

But if you want to delete pictures even if you still have enough storage space, you can also do it manually. Just select the photo or photos that you want to remove then select “delete device copy” to ensure that it will still remain in the cloud even if you delete it from your device. But this will only apply if you’re in the Device Folders view. If you delete photos from the Photos view, they will be transferred to the trash and then deleted from there after 60 days. But then it will disappear from both the device and the cloud as well.

If you trust Google enough to hold all your photos and videos in its cloud, then Google Photos is a great way to keep them all in just one place, regardless of where it came from (phone, tablet, computer, etc). If you haven’t yet, you can download Google Photos for free from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Reddit, GHacks


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