Business owners who use Foursquare will be pleased to know that they now have an app made specifically for them waiting on the Google Play Store. Foursquare for Business rolled out for Android this week, giving business owners an all new level of functionality. Now, you can push updates about your business from the phone, meaning you can update your company’s page anywhere you can get a mobile data signal.

Before Foursquare released this app, business owners had to go through the website to make their updates, which we imagine proved to be quite the headache. After all, we live in a world that requires many people – business owners in particular – to be constantly on the go, so stopping everything to hop on the website to make updates probably wasn’t always an option. Owners can send their Foursquare updates to Facebook and Twitter, taking care of the major social networks right there in-app.

You’ll also be able to view your recent check-ins with the app, and if you’ve got more than one business listed with Foursquare, you can use the app to manage all of them. It isn’t a bad deal at all, and if it makes it easier for businesses to maintain a social presence, we’re thinking it’ll probably be a big hit. Perhaps most importantly, the app doesn’t cost anything to use.

Speaking of Foursquare, the company recently released a number of Best of Foursquare lists. The lists highlights highly-rated businesses in 30 cities across the US, so if you live in a big United States city and are looking for a new restaurant or bar to visit, it wouldn’t hurt to check out those lists. The Foursquare for Business app is now available on the Google Play Store [download link].

[via Android Central]