Football fans rejoice! Football Manager Handheld 2014 is now up on Google Play Store, featuring an improved user interface that will let you better play out your club manager fantasies. For a price, of course.

The mobile version of the Football Manager desktop software first came to Android in 2012 and, so far, Sega has not disappointed fans with regular annual releases. To put it simply, the app, or game if you wish, puts the user at the head of a football club, or soccer for those in the US. It’s a pretty much realistic replica of what a club manager has to go through, from hiring or firing, to cash flow, and even to dealing with those pesky media pepole.


The 2014 version of the app gives the interface an overhaul, pulling it into the 21st century and making menus less of a nightmare, because everyone knows managers have enough of those to deal with in their waking hours. It also features more intelligent AI managers that will try to outsmart or outbid you during transfer season. The update also improves on keeping track of player progression and post-match analysis to help you keep on top of things and keep your team in top shape. It even has more detailed historic records for those tear-jerking moments when you reminisce on your team’s story. Also debuting in this release, but not available on all devices, is the ability to choose multiple nations when starting a new game.


All of these feature are yours for a hefty price of $9.99. Of course, being more of a business app, Football Manager Handheld 2014 doesn’t really put you in the middle of the battlefield. If dishing it out on the pitch is more your preference, there is a different app, a real game this time, exactly for that.

Download: Football Manager Handheld 2014 on Google Play Store