As mentioned earlier in the day, Flipboard v2.0 has come available for Android users. As such, we spent some hands-on time checkout out the new features. The key feature with this update was the magazine functionality and as a result that will be the first thing mentioned upon launch after updating. The Flipboard app, for those who missed the earlier post, will now allow you to create personalized magazines.

Creating magazines is a fairly simple process. To get started you will need to do nothing more than tap the “+” icon to save stories. The very first time you save a story you will be asked to create the magazine. The creation process is simply listing a title and category and then optionally adding a description. The magazine creation process is also where you can choose to share it out or keep it private. Just to note, these magazines are set to public by default. Basically, once you find something you want to save (add to a magazine) you click that “+” icon.

Once you have your first magazine created, subsequent clicks on a “+” icon will offer the option to save that item in an existing magazine or create a new magazine. Again, this is all a fairly easy process and the app walks you through the necessary steps. Perhaps key here, the magazines that you create will be available alongside your other subscribed content. In flipping through your available content, the magazines will be listed with the assigned title and the name of the author.

In addition to creating your own personalized magazine, Flipboard 2.0 also allows you to browse and subscribe to magazines from others. The magazines that you choose to subscribe to will also be listed alongside your other subscribed content. Again, just look for the magazine name and authors name.

Anyway, those who prefer to do the browsing will be able to find shared magazines by tapping the red ribbon icon in the upper right hand corner. You can get a look at that icon in the top image here in this post. Lastly, magazines can be delete by tapping and holding and clicking the “x” icon.

All said and done, a solid update from Flipboard — it is just a shame that we had to wait so long to get it. Otherwise, Flipboard v2.0 for Android can be found in the Play Store using this link.