If you’ve been enjoying the brand new Flipboard beta for Android on a shiny new Galaxy S III, or other phones now that they’ve released the beta we have good news today. Flipboard has just issued another quick update for their popular news app and it should fixed multiple problems we’ve been hearing about as of late. The new beta is available for download now and we have more details below.

Last month they officially released the beta version, so it’s nice to see updates coming so quickly. Hopefully it will be leaving beta soon and will arrive in the Play Store for all users to enjoy. Other than a few minor visual design changes everything else is behind the covers and will help battery life, memory usage, and some general fixes.

Since Flipboard isn’t in the Play Store yet, you’ll be receiving a notification in-app to accept and download the latest beta version. For those that haven’t yet tried out Flipboard you’ll want to check out our hands-on here, then head to flipboard.com/android for more details. Hit the link below to download the latest version.

Flipboard Beta download

— Thanks V!