We all have our favorite ways to consume the news and current events. Some people who are pretty serious about this use news aggregators like Google News or SmartNews, but a lot of them have jumped to Flipboard when it launched in a big way on Apple tablets some five to six years ago. Now the company is launching Flipboard 4, and it’s a major redesign of the app focusing on being even better.

Flipboard 4 is designed to get your preferred topics to form “smart” magazines. The main interface, which was originally a mash up of all topics you picked, now has become a swipe-able gallery of up to nine smart magazines on your preferred topics. These magazines cover the whole page and the content changes as the news happens.


The smart magazines will provide you with the usual sources of content, but it now also has the capability to give you topics from a range of perspectives. Try “Politics” and together with the usual news – you can now have articles from left-leaning publications all the way to the right-leaning ones, and everything in between.

With people getting more and more concerned about fake news nowadays, Flipboard makes it easier for you to gather under one page news content from credible sources, and it makes it enjoyable for you to consume it as well.

SOURCE: Flipboard