Changes in Facebook to affect FB tile in Flipboard

Facebook recently implemented massive (well, not really, but it's big) changes when it comes to what you can and can't see on your news feed and what you can or cannot post. While these new rules are mostly beneficial (you can't post or see anything with explicit sexual content, violence, self-harm, etc), some apps have apparently been affected for some reason. One of these is Flipboard, who has informed its users of what this means for your Facebook tile on the popular digital magazine app.

Flipboard finally comes to your desktop

Flipboard is one of the most popular apps, regardless of what platform you're on. Browsing through the personalized magazine on your smartphone or tablet is always a joy, but users have also been wishing they could have it on other gadgets as well. Well, the developers have finally given in, and Flipboard is now available on the web through your laptop, netbooks, or desktop computers.

Flipboard 3.0 aims for personalization with 30,000 topics

Flipboard has been around for a while now and the app was originally a place for people to read the latest news on a variety of topics. As the Flipboard community grew, some folks found it hard to find the news that really interested them because the categories were typically broad covering a wide subject like photography rather than individual topics inside photography.

Stop the presses! Top 5 news readers for Android

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, we live in a world where we get an almost never-ending flow of news available at our fingertips. So much so that now our problem is how to best handle that flood of information rushing towards us. News readers have become not just our source but also our filter and our shield, not just letting us choose the news and topics that we do want while keeping others at bay, they also give a bit of a visual flair to those bits of information, making the reading experience more pleasurable and engaging. Here are our top 5 picks for news readers on Android.

Facebook Reader tipped as Flipboard style news reader

Facebook looks to be working on a mobile news reader. The details have yet to be fully revealed, however the app is currently known as Facebook Reader and while it may share a similar name -- this app doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming shutdown of Google Reader. According to details coming from a recent WSJ report, the Facebook Reader app is said to have been in development for more than a year at this point.

Flipboard magazines arrive with v2.0 update, we go hands-on

As mentioned earlier in the day, Flipboard v2.0 has come available for Android users. As such, we spent some hands-on time checkout out the new features. The key feature with this update was the magazine functionality and as a result that will be the first thing mentioned upon launch after updating. The Flipboard app, for those who missed the earlier post, will now allow you to create personalized magazines.
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