Facebook Reader tipped as Flipboard style news reader

Facebook looks to be working on a mobile news reader. The details have yet to be fully revealed, however the app is currently known as Facebook Reader and while it may share a similar name -- this app doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming shutdown of Google Reader. According to details coming from a recent WSJ report, the Facebook Reader app is said to have been in development for more than a year at this point.

Flipboard magazines arrive with v2.0 update, we go hands-on

As mentioned earlier in the day, Flipboard v2.0 has come available for Android users. As such, we spent some hands-on time checkout out the new features. The key feature with this update was the magazine functionality and as a result that will be the first thing mentioned upon launch after updating. The Flipboard app, for those who missed the earlier post, will now allow you to create personalized magazines.

Flipboard for Android update brings magazine feature and more

Flipboard 2.0 was announced back at the end of March and to the disappointment of Android users, it was initially available only for iOS users. Android users were further teased at the end of April when Flipboard shared details about how well they were doing since the 2.0 app update. At that time they were talking about the record growth, however they did offer a bit of teasing for Android users saying Flipboard 2.0 would be available "very soon."

Flipboard 2.0 unveiled ahead of release on Android

Flipboard version 2.0 has officially been announced. The disappointing part is that it has already been made available for iOS users as those rocking an Android device will have a few weeks to wait. The folks at Flipboard have said that version 2.0 will be available for Android users next month. Just in case you needed a bit of extra teasing, this update is being touted as a "major new edition."

Flipboard update brings save images feature and retweet fixes

Today the extremely popular news and magazine app Flipboard has just received a nice new update full of features and bug fixes. Initially launching on the Galaxy S III as an exclusive app, Flipboard has become an extremely popular news app for Android thanks to the simple and beautiful user interface. They added tablet support in December, and now we have a few new neat features worth pointing out.
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