There is no shortage of third-party keyboard options for Android. And with that in mind, it looks like one of those options has recently been updated to version 2.0. The keyboard is Fleksy and the v2.0 update is touted as brining Cloud personalization and a new badge reward system. Nicely, there was also some other improvements and general fixes that came along with the 2.0 update.

First things first though — the cloud. This is tied in with the “My Fleksy” personalization that we saw introduced back in February. Details here point to how you will now be able to sign-in with your Google+ account to backup your dictionary. This option should make it a bit more convenient for those with multiple devices.

Next up are the badges, which also happen to be included in the cloud sync. The badges are similar to how they work on other apps and offer rewards. There are 30 badges in total, and some of the highlights here include being able to unlock badges to get new themes or to extend the free trial period.

This update has also added a new language — Turkish. That all having been said, what follows is the full list of improvements and fixes;


  • Updates available for ALL languages
  • Autocorrect accuracy
  • Language switching
  • Memory footprint
  • Smoother Emoji
  • Animations
  • New Settings


  • Long-press lag
  • Keyboard toggle lag
  • Other bugs

The latest version of Fleksy can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Fleksy Blog