The Fleksy Keyboard app has recently been updated. This latest is currently available from the Play Store, and will bring the keyboard up to version 1.2.3. Perhaps key here, the changes that come along with the new version number. This time around there is emoji and something called My Fleksy.

The emoji support is just as one would suspect. Once the app has been updated on your device, you will have access to 500 emojis. The gallery sitting toward the bottom of this post will offer a look at quite a few. The other item for this update is My Fleksy, which deals with personalization.

Details coming from the folks at Fleksy mention how this is a “personalization service that integrates a user’s personal writing style with Fleksy’s language algorithm.” More to the point here, the My Fleksy setup includes the ability to import your personal style from other apps on the device, which in theory, should help to improve the overall experience.

“My Fleksy lets users import their personal writing styles from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS messages and personal dictionary, enabling Fleksy’s language algorithm to learn from a user’s unique writing style to improve overall typing accuracy.”

Anyway, while this latest Fleksy update is live in the Play Store for all to use, there is also an active beta community. Those interested will be able to check that out on Google+, and those who join should be able to get an early look at future releases. Or put another way, those joining the beta community will help to ensure there are few (if any) bugs remaining before the release rolls out for everyone. And lastly, it was said that Fleksy has been downloaded more than a quarter million times since the initial release which came three months earlier.

The emoji-filled Fleksy update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.