Flappy Bird, which took the world by storm and caused most to rejoice when it was eventually pulled from circulation, is coming back. The game’s creator has vowed it will return at some point in the near future, replete with a multiplayer mode.

The creator of Flappy Bird initially pulled the game because he felt it was too addictive. At one point, it was said he raked in over $50,000 weekly from the title, which — like everything else about Flappy Bird — caused him consternation. Now he’s not only giving it to us one more time, but it’s version 2.0.

Several memes and GIFs depicted a multiplayer mode for the game, so I’ll go ahead and blame those people for sparking this return. I’ll also blame the people that liked those various mediums, or anyone that played the game at all (I played it once to write this, I admit it. I’m not proud of myself.). I’m just going to go ahead and blame everyone, everywhere. Shame on you us.

The game, which drove people nuts with its simple graphics and intensely difficult gameplay, is coming back to us in August. Check your Mayan calendars, because this likely signals something drastic. We’ve only a few months to prepare ourselves.

One question remains, though: how do those people who bought phones at a premium price because Flappy Bird was installed feel now?

Source: TechCrunch