Flappy Bird has only been available for a short time, however it seems to be one game that users cannot stop talking about. For some, it seems the reason they cannot stop talking about, and playing Flappy Bird, is due to frustration. You see, the game is simple in that you only need to make the bird fly through the openings, but at the same time, it is not all that easy.

That aside though, Flappy Bird was released for free and the developer is collecting revenue based on the in-game advertisements. Which despite the game being on the frustrating and addictive side — the in-game advertisements likely come as a relief for some as it means no money is needed for in-app purchases.

Speaking with The Verge, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen touched on how he often looks for an available in-app purchase to turn off the in-game advertisements. But in the case of Flappy Bird — that is not going to happen. Nguyen said there are no plans for changes or updates. On the flip side, there is some potential for a sequel.

As for generating revenue, Nguyen said the game has been averaging around $50,000 per day. This includes the Android and iOS version of the game which have been downloaded a combined 50 million times. Interestingly, it seems the developer didn’t spend all that much time coding the game. It was said he spent a few nights coding after work.

As for those looking toward Flappy Bird on their path to creating the next viral success story — you may be in for a bit of disappointment. Nguyen said he isn’t exactly sure why Flappy Bird saw such quick viral success, but did touch a bit on how the game works with Google Play Games (and Game Center) which makes it easy for players to compare scores and compete. Lastly, while some have already picked up on the style of the game, Nguyen confirmed Flappy Bird was inspired by Super Mario Bros.