Looks like the guys at Touch Arcade got a first look at Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen’s new game called “Swing Copters”. If you feel a bit slighted that some people got to try the new game ahead of you, don’t worry – from the looks of it, those guys will not go far, as the game is heck difficult.

Swing Copters follows in Nguyen’s patented game style – which is cruel and unrewarding, not to mention being frustratingly difficult. These elements are what made that darned bird game so addictive in the first place, and we see the same touches of that in Swing Copters.


The idea is that your dude – complete with spinning propeller on the head – gets airborne and is wildly flying in one direction, where your tapping coaxes him to the opposite side to balance out the flight. That’s difficult enough, but now you have to steer him through swinging gates. The more gates you pass, the more points. But don’t get your hopes up – as with Flappy Bird, one small touch on an obstacle and it all ends in misery.

The game is not out yet, so it is relegated to the “watch this space” category for now. But we fear for all of you casual gamers out there, Dong Nguyen is out for your happiness. In any case that you would want to tip the man for this game, the one “in-app” purchase is to get rid of the ads – unobtrusive enough that you don’t really have to – but just as a pat on the back for the game developer.

VIA: Touch Arcade