Despite once offering a comment about how Flappy Bird is “gone forever” — the developer, Dong Nguyen, may be ready to consider otherwise. The statements from Nguyen certainly don’t suggest that Flappy Bird will return to the Play Store soon, however he did open the door for the possibility. In speaking with Rolling Stone, Nguyen mentioned how he is “considering it.”

Nguyen also made if clear that is Flappy Bird were to return, it would do so with a warning that reminds players to “please take a break.” As it seemed the addictive nature of the original Flappy Bird release was one of the reasons he pulled the game, we could see Nguyen working something in that forces players to take a break. Some sort of built-in game timer where you only get so many of minutes per hour.

This bit, along with quite a bit more of the story is all covered in detail. Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen spoke with David Kushner, of the previously mentioned Rolling Stone. Some of the story will likely sound a bit familiar to those who had been following closely, however there are plenty of gems still included. You learn a little bit about him, and also a little bit about why he decided to create this game.

Nguyen mentioned how he wanted to create a game for someone like himself — busy and always on the go. To that point, he said he pictured how people would be playing with one hand holding the device up in the air, and the other holding the strap on the train. Hence the easy one-handed game play that was found with Flappy Bird. He also made it clear he was only trying to make “something fun to share with other people” and that he “couldn’t predict the success.”