A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned Fitbit was working on new smartwatch-fitness tracker with improved sensors. It’s not just a health and fitness tracker but a full-fledged smartwatch that offers many features than what you can enjoy from an ordinary tracker or smartwatch. This new wearable delivers personalized guidance, GPS, music, relative SpO2 sensor, dynamic workouts, swim tracking, and contactless payments.

The Fitbit Ionic can last up to four days on a single battery charge. For this product, Fitbit has partnered with Adidas to bring training programs, as well as, a Fitbit Ionic special edition. It’s no wonder the wearables brand has made this ultimate version because the trackers definitely need an improvement. Before, there was only a distinction between health trackers and smartwatches but looks like the line is getting thinner now.

Fitbit Ionic brings a relative SpO2 sensor that can help provide deeper health insights, better heart rate tracking, more reliable GPS tracking, and on-device dynamic workouts. As for the smartwatch features, this one offers smart notifications, contactless payments, and onboard music. As with any Fitbit wearable device, this one boasts of cross-platform compatibility, automatic activity and sleep tracking, and a long 4-day battery life.

Developers can make their Fitbit Ionic-compatible apps with the Fitbit app software development kit (SDK) that will be released this September. You can pre-order for one now for its October roll out. The Fitbit Ionic Adidas special edition will be released early 2018.

Fitbit Ionic is ready on presale at Fitbit.com but can be purchased from select online retailers for $299.95 like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, and Verizon. You can choose from three tracker-band color combos: burnt orange/slate blue, smoke gray/charcoal, and silver gray/blue gray. You can get other classic accessories for $29.95 and Two-toned breathable Sport Band accessories also for $29.95. Special hand-crafted and perforated Horween leather accessories cost $59.95.

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