Fitbit has been pretty good in terms of Android app updates. We have been seeing fairly regular updates, and perhaps more important — device support increasing. The app was recently updated and received a new widget. We also saw word about how Fitbit was going to be pre-installed on the HTC One (M8). It seems there is also a bit more to the recent Fitbit story though.

The company announced they have crossed the 1 million milestone in terms of app downloads. And to clarify that number — that is downloads from the Google Play Store. The folks at Fitbit also mentioned how that includes an average 4-star rating, and how the hardware is now able to sync directly with 44 devices.

That number is up from 26 this past January, however it does include a mix of Android and iOS. Having said that, the Android device support has been growing and what once was dominated by Samsung devices now includes everything from Motorola to HTC, LG, Sony and Nexus. You can check the full list of compatible Android devices on the Fitbit ‘supported devices’ page.

We’ve been using a Fitbit for quite a while now and have been syncing with some Samsung and Nexus devices. At present we are syncing direct with a Moto X, though to save battery life we have the background sync turned off. When that is turned off the Fitbit will only sync when the app is opened. You do miss out on some of the notifications during the day, but we find that to be well worth the improved battery life (both on the Fitbit and Moto X side).

SOURCE: Business Wire