As we recently learned, the Fitbit app would be pre-installed on the recently announced HTC One (M8). This is potential good news for Fitbit, as the app, and the hardware will now be fresh in the minds of those who purchase a One (M8). Also key here is how the HTC One (M8) can be used in place of the Fitbit hardware, which means users can enter the Fitbit world without any additional cost.

The handset tracks steps thanks to the built-in sensors. We prefer to keep the fitness gadgets separate from the phone, as you tend to get more features, but also sometimes put your phone down — and that being the case you would miss out on an accurate step count for the day. Personal preference aside, if nothing else this should give users a good entry point into fitness gadgets.

Along with the Fitbit app being pre-installed on the HTC One (M8), there was a recent app update that detailed some addition features. Users with an HTC device running Sense 6 will be able to view badges in BlinkFeed. For now this applies to the HTC One (M8), however the other members of the One family should be receiving the Sense 6 update (and in turn the BlinkFeed badge support) in the spring.

While much of this most recent Fitbit update dealt with the HTC One (M8), there was a bit more involved. Coming by way of the “what’s new” section of the Play Store listing for the Fitbit app, we’ve learned users can expect a design update circling around the log in and sign up pages, a new widget for the activity goal, support for Simpilfied and Traditional Chinese and other bug fixes.

SOURCE: Google Play Store