The FitBit is the fitness darling of the high-tech set, essentially an advanced pedometer that keeps track of your physical activity throughout the day and reports back to an online service. Naturally you can’t launch a hip new hardware-software combo without creating an iOS app, despite the fact that there are hundreds of millions more Android smartphone users. Now that small oversight is taken care of, as FitBit has released an app to the Google Play Store that brings all the features of its iOS counterpart. It only took them five months.

The FitBit is usable without an app of any kind – just plug it into your computer and upload the data directly to your FitBit account. But the app combines the activity tracking of the FitBit Ultra itself with the food planning and tracking features of a diet app, hoping to become your one-stop solution for all your exercise and dietary tracking needs. The app will adjust its recommendations depending upon your current activity level; if you’ve been vegging out on the couch it’ll suggest a light veggie lunch, but if you’ve done a 5K you can feel free to head out for BBQ.

Unfortunately the app doesn’t actively sync with the FitBit device itself – the little clip-on gadget doesn’t have any wireless functions. For that you’ll need the more capable (and much more expensive) Motorola MOTOACTV, with its Bluetooth syncing capability. Still, it’s a nice perk for those Fitbit users that had been previously overlooked, and the reviews from early downloaders are positive. FitBit is a free download in the Google Play Store.

[via ITWorld]