Maybe it was a fluke, or over eagerness, or maybe plain human error. But what could be the first third-party Android Wear apps on Google Play Store were published a while ago. But just as quickly as it came, it also disappeared just as suddenly with nary an explanation, which makes the whole thing a tad suspicious.

The apps themselves are nothing groundbreaking or totally exciting. They’re just basic utilities you may or may not want to find in a smartwatch. A compass is almost a no-brainer, considering the sensors available to smartwatches today. In fact, both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have compass apps, which makes this Wear Compass app a bit superfluous. However, the Wear Calc might be a different case. Though some might debate the usability of a calculator on small screen, anyone who has been in the situation of fumbling around trying to reach for a smartphone or a calculator at a moment’s notice will likely appreciate this app.

Unfortunately, the apps were pulled down suddenly. And like many such Google Play Store removals, there is no explanation provided, which will leave users who know about these apps left scratching their heads and conjuring up theories. Considering how new the Android Wear platform is, its not hard to imagine the apps hitting some legal or technical landmines. Some might also doubt the credibility of the developers, though its seems that app makers MKIISoft have been around the block a few times already. Whatever may be the reason, we’ll just have to wait for the apps to pop up again, if they ever will, or for the flood of Android Wear apps coming our way once the first Android Wear smartwatches start shipping.

Technically, though, these two aren’t the first third-party Android Wear apps overall, they just happen to be the first to plant the flag on Google Play Store, possibly with repercussions. The distinction could probably be awarded to Minuum, who yesterday announced version 2.7 of their strange virtual keyboard with support for smartwatches, not just Android Wear but Omate TrueSmart as well. Of course, Minuum doesn’t come for free but at least, unlike Wear Compass and Wear Calc, it is up on Google Play Store.