Google introduced the Android 12L operating system – OS optimized for large screens – in October. The Android system optimized to create an ideal environment on tablets, foldable phones, and even Chromebooks is expected to arrive in about three beta versions before the stable version is rolled out. Now, before the first public beta is revealed, Google has already introduced the first Android 12L Developer Preview for a Lenovo tablet.

The Developer Preview for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is now available for download from the official website. Only developers are recommended to go ahead with the preview since it’s filled with glitches and if you use the tablet as a daily driver, you may want to pass this.

Though Android 12L is meant ideally for Chromebooks, foldable devices, and tablets, Google is not going to leave smartphones out of the equation. The first beta version is slated to roll out soon (maybe this month) and it will likely be available for Pixel phones in addition to the large screen devices.

The current Developer Preview comes with November 1 security patch. Rolled out for the large screen Lenovo device, the preview version would permit developers to optimize Android OS with new APIs in order to offer a better “app experience in landscape mode” making multitasking easier and optimizing the system UI.

As mentioned, the preview is strictly for developers. It’s currently pegged with bugs and may deem your device useless if tried without caution. According to the Lenovo website, the current version does not support face unlock, fingerprint recognition, multi-finger gesture to name a few.


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