Sony Concept for Android program

Two days ago, we told you that Sony Concept for Android 7.1.2 Nougat is almost ready for release. Now we’ve got more information that Sony’s Concept for Android program is moving further as published in a community forum. The final release of the software update is about to be made ready for Xperia X owners. This means, the Xperia X smartphone will be upgraded soon.

The Concept for Android program has been Sony Mobile’s way of improving a software currently in development. It’s one method of beta testing and gathering of feedback directly from the users. It’s important that Sony devs get in touch with other developers and regular users So they can deliver the best possible version of a software for commercial release.

Sony officially announced on the inTouch community forum that the last release will rollout first week of May. The community forum will remain open for a while so the Concept Team and the users can still get in touch. The team is grateful to all those part of the program as they shared their thoughts and experiences, reported problems, and answered surveys.

All information collated have been invaluable to the Concept Team because they’ve “helped shape the way Sony Mobile approaches software development and user experience” according to the team.

SOURCE: Sony Mobile