Final Fantasy and Square Enix fans, start holding your breaths. The North American office of the game publisher has officially revealed that Final Fantasy Agito will soon be heading to the region and available for free and in English.

Word of the title coming to Android first surfaced September last year. The game is a spin off of the Final Fantasy Type-0 game that was released for the PlayStation Portable. The game did actually arrive last month, but it was only available in Japan, and also untranslated. Thanks to positive feedback and demand, Square Enix will soon be releasing the game in North America. It will be available for free, but will unsurprisingly have in-app purchases.

Final Fantasy Agito has a few unique features compared to other games in the franchise. Unlike recent Final Fantasy titles on consoles, players will get to create their own character and customize it instead of living out their life with a premade character. But player decisions in Agito have more far-reaching effects in-game. According to Square Enix, decisions will affect the course of history of the in-game world, which will consequently affect how other players experience the game as well. There is definitely a hint here of persistent online multiplayer game mechanics and it will be interesting to see how Square Enix will manage to pull this off. Naturally, you will also have the option to dish it out with other Final Fantasy Agito players.

Now for the bad news. There is no set or estimated date of arrival for this game, and Square Enix’s track record for this title doesn’t inspire confidence. It took more than half a year for the publisher to deliver Agito, even for its primary Japanese market. This time, though, they won’t be starting from scratch so the waiting time should be shorter. At least, theoretically. In the meantime, enjoy this new trailer, finally in English, while we wait for the day of reckoning.

SOURCE: Square Enix



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