Square Enix, makers of the popular Final Fantasy JRPG series, has just announced that it will be bringing yet another game from that line to mobile devices. Surprisingly, the game developer will be making Final Fantasy Agito available for free on Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy Agito takes place in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0, a JRPG released by Square Enix in Japan two years back for the Playstation Portable. In Type-0, the story unfolds in a place named Orience, and in Agito, players will take control of a new, player-customized character who is a student at the Orience magic academy. Producer Hajime Tabata revealed that the original Type-0 game was actually intended for mobile. The game was also initially named Final Fantasy Agito before it was changed to its current title.

Agito will feature a similar, chapter-based system used in its predecessor. In Type-0, history runs in parallel cycles. Translated to gameplay, this means that players will run through one story and, at the end of that story, history will repeat itself and a new story begins. Of course, the actions that players make in previous chapters will have impacts on succeeding ones. Tabata says that it will be possible to finish the game without paying for anything, but as with any free game, there will always be advantageous in-game items for sale. Here’s a trailer of the game to whet your appetite.

There isn’t much details yet about the game, like whether it will be available outside of Japan this time and translated to English after its release in winter. We might get to know more next week when the game is announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

VIA: SlashGear