This isn’t the first time we are hearing about the FiLiP smart locator device, however as of today there is a bit of an update in terms of availability. The wrist-locator will soon be available with AT&T. The carrier will have the FiLiP available for online sales beginning on November 22nd. And in addition to the online availability, AT&T will be selling the FiLiP in one retail location.

That retail store is the flagship Michigan Avenue location. Regardless of where you make the purchase though, AT&T customers looking to grab a FiLiP locator should be prepared to shell out $199.99. Additionally, there will also be a monthly charge to keep the watch active and in-use. AT&T will allow users to add the FiLiP to an existing Mobile Share plan and that means an additional $10 per month.

For those who missed the original announcement, FiLiP is a locator device designed for children between 5 and 11. This uses GPS and WiFi along with the AT&T mobile network and allows parents to keep track of their child — regardless of where the parent happens to be. Parents are able to set up SafeZones, which will send an alert when the child moves outside the area.

In addition, that SafeZone will also send an alert when the child reaches it — that way the parent will know the child arrived safely. Otherwise, the FiLiP also has a GSM radio that will allow the parents and children to stay in contact. The locator watch allows the parent to program five numbers and the child is then able to scroll through and make a call if needed. Along with the SafeZone and alerts, parents can also log in to get a pinpointed map location and send a text message. Lastly, the FiLiP is available in a variety of colors.