In this day and age, there surely has to be some more convenient, trustworthy, not to mention stylish, way for moms and dads to find out their kids’ whereabouts and send the appropriate reminder or two. There is indeed, thanks to this new Filip smartwatch that will be coming to AT&Ts shelves soon.

Smartwatches are the latest tech craze, though they might quickly be supplanted by flexible smartphones really soon. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in having an inconspicuous, nice-looking smart device that lets you conveniently access some smartphone functionality right theren on your wrist, when circumstances prevent you from grabbing your phablet. Splash some nice vibrant colors and add some GPS functionality and you have a modern way to monitor and communicate with your kids. Presuming, of course, you are able to convince them to wear it all day, all week.


The Filip smartwatch might not be as featureful as the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the Omate smartwatch, but for what it’s meant to do it seems to do quite well. With the companion Android and iOS apps, parents can set up safe zones that will send a notification to the parent when the smartwatch either enters or leaves the area. A button on the Filip smartwatch will also let wearers activate the intelligent emergency system which will send out an SMS to 5 pre-designated numbers, start recording of ambient sounds, and try calling one of the 5 numbers, cycling through each in case contact cannot be established.

The Filip smartwatch also features the usual text messaging and voice call features to and from the device, via AT&T’s network. The carrier has not yet announced pricing and availability yet but, considering it has passed FCC certification way back in July, we should be hearing from them in a few months.

VIA: SlashGear