Augmented reality (AR) is getting a big kick in the gaming backside with new developer Proxy42 planning an AR first person shooting game called “”. The idea of AR is to blend real-life environments into virtual applications – in this case, virtual gaming situations. The idea is not at all new, but it hasn’t lost its novel appeal.

The game itself is not a new concept – takes elements from another augmented reality game called “Ingress” where two factions battle for real-world territory and in-game domination. In, members of two factions shoot other players within the territory and their faction gains control of the territory – the concept is quite simple really.


But the fun is in the playing, and Proxy42 is adding to the gaming value by putting out one game-specific hardware – a device called the 363R Trigger. The trigger can be connected to your smartphone device and be used to “shoot” at other game players as long as they are within 50 meters. Game players can download the free mobile app, and can choose to attach a trigger to their smartphones. The app then takes the player’s environment and turn it into a battleground for the game.

Interesting? We think it is. If you are interested in the project, check out their crowd-funding efforts here at the game’s official website. The developers are trying to fund the production of more triggers so that the game will be massively available upon launch.

VIA: Venture Beat


  1. Love augmented technology this will be a new way to view so many new technology and online in general sex porn gaming and casino will never look the same again

  2. I would love to play this game. Would be good if just walking down town and you get a warning someone is in the area and you have to find them. Please I can’t wait to play


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