It appears that the folks over at Reddit have had their fill of the ads up in the right corner of the Android version of Angry Birds. Is this your situation, too? Have you had a look at both versions of the game (iOS and Android) and have become peeved that your completely free version has a big fat banner up in the corner blocking some of your play? Or have you payed your way into the full version, sans ads? Or what about the third option – have you noticed the ramping DOWN of ads in recent days?

Take a peek at your Android device right now and see how long it takes for an ad to pop up in the corner in the original version, then take another break to see how long (if ever) it takes for an ad to pop up in the Holidays edition. Your humble narrator had a wait of about 7 minutes and 5 minutes of play on two different devices (not that that’d matter so much, as the game is essentially the same on all Androids,) and Ben from SlashGear said to us just a moment ago that his wait was about 5. Remember when Angry Birds was first released (to mad downloads) on Android? Ads basically constantly.

What does this all mean?! Take a peek back at an article written by Dylan today by the title Angry Birds Creator Talks Android Fragmentation and Strategy – then think about the madness of the Redditors. Perhaps Rovio is pulling back in hopes of bringing in more customers for Angry Birds 2? What do you think, Community?