The Falcon Pro Twitter account was removed from the Play Store back in mid-June and the developer promised to keep the updates coming. Since then we saw v2.0.4 arrive by way of the GetFalcon website. While these continued app updates are welcomed, they also bring the need to remember to check for updates from a source other than the Play Store.

With that in mind, it looks like Falcon Pro v2.0.5 has recently been released. While this is just a small update over the previous version, it does appear to contain a few perks that should be welcomed by those using a WiFi only device or by those who often find themselves in a spot with limited or no cellular coverage.

Those new offline features deal with the Favorites. Specifically, offline access has been enabled for Favorites. In addition, the link will automatically be preloaded for offline reading for any tweet that you mark as a favorite. Another new item arriving with v2.0.5 is the ability to choose between ViewText or Instapaper for the mobilizer service. This can be adjusted under the User Experience settings.

Otherwise, there was also mention of some unspecified “other” fixes as well as the removal of two items no longer needed. The removed items were the lucky patcher check and the Google Play previews. These items were said to be have been removed because there is “no point anymore” for the lucky patches and the new Play Store design broke the previews.

Changes aside, the updated app is available from the GetFalcon website. Current Falcon users (with a token) will be able to download the app and sideload it on their device. And just to clarify, there is no need to uninstall the older version, just simply install this new one.

VIA: Twitter @falcon_android